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Mass, Capacity and Volume

Useful Links:

A Maths Dictionary


Mostly Postie – help the postie to deliver the packages


Comparing Capacity – compare the two jugs and decide which holds more

Estimating Capacity – choose how many millilitres each container holds

Squirt – how many of a does it take to fill b?

Can you fill it? – practise filling containers


Archimedes – explore displacement with Archimedes bath

Measuring Volume – this one is tricky

Cubirocks Go!

Cubirocks Galore

Cubirocks are Measured

Mass, Volume & Capacity 

Quiz – can you answer all of the questions?

Measures – practise measuring length, mass, volume and capacity

Woodland Resources – play some games

Smashmaths – Measurement – volume and capacity activities

Alien Cookbook – help the alien cook by giving him the right amount of ingredients

Measurement Games – practise your measurement skills

Measuring Items – BAMZOOki

Play this game to practise measuring a range of items using centimetres, kilograms, etc.