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Timmy – Reading 2015

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This term we have been reading a book called The Island. It was about this man that washed ashore on his raft. This man wasn’t like any other person on this Island, he spoke a different language so the people on the island couldn’t understand him. All he wanted was some food and shelter. The fishermen didn’t like him so they took him and kept him captive in an uninhabited part of the island. Parents and teachers told their children to be scared and to stay away.

By Bianca, Holly T and Natalia.

Maths Number and Applied

In maths number we have been learning how to subtract fractions. The teacher has been showing us different ways to subtract and add fractions without using paper.

In maths applied, we were learning about time, Today, we had a worksheet with two questions on it about time. We have been learning about o clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.

Example: 6:30 is half past six and 9:45 is quarter to ten.


we have also been learning about shapes. We have been learning the complex language we should be using when we talk about shapes. We know we should use rotate instead of turn, reflect instead of flip, translate instead of slide and we have learnt about enlargement. We have also learnt about rotational symmetry. 

Here are some examples of our amazing rotational symmetry artwork:

By Timmy

Timmy’s writing

In term two Timmy and 5/6mg have been writing persuasive pieces. We have mainly been working on sizzling starts. For instance one of the persuasive texts we have done is, summer is better than winter. Sizzling starts are introductions that grab the readers attention. We have made a persuasive piece on sport is better than video games.

 This is my work:

Photo on 15-05-2015 at 2.58 pm

This is my sizzling start about summer v.s winter.

Winter. Wait Winter?!? NO NO NO! Summer is much better than Winter because you can go to the beach and chill. What can you do in Winter? Turn into an iceberg. So I say Summer, beats Winter.

By Vikky and and Madison

ICT with Timmy

~read in high pitch voice~ Hey bros Timmy here! And today is Learning with Timmy! This time its on ICT!! So recently we have been on our compies (which  is short for computer) skyping some buddies from our teachers old school. It has been really fun and stuff, we also have our own buddies from that same school that we can email and stuff like that! Thats pretty much all we have been doing in ICT ( which stands for International Cat Timer or Information Communication Technology)

Me on the computer!

Photo on 15-05-2015 at 3.18 pm #2

So till next time Bye Bros!

Green Day

Green Day is a celebration we have every second year at St. Kevin’s. We participate in a range of games and activities to help us learn about how to be sustainable and protect our environment.

This year we had some guest speakers, Andrew from SWEP came to talk to us about the water we use at our school. We looked at graphs and compared our school to other schools. We could identify on average how much water each person uses per day. Sam spoke to us about waste management and shared tips for recycling at home and at school. We also heard from the Manningham Council about littering and the impact it has on our environment.

Some students from Templestowe College visited with some of their animals from their animal program. We had a great time holding snakes and patting lizards!

We also participated in some fun tabloid sports activities and had a crazy day pizza lunch.

Overall we had a lot of fun and enjoyed our focus on sustainability.