Tuning In


We have been working through the Tuning In stage of our inquiry into “What is Motion?”. In this stage we begin to get excited and engage with our topic, ask questions and share our prior knowledge.

Our first activity was to play some games of Angry Birds and discuss the motion involved.


Then we made catapults to help us become even more engaged with the topic.

We also completed a pre assessment where we responded to a blog post on motion (you can see that on this blog!). We had to write a comment with everything we already know about motion.

Another Tuning In activity was to build balloon rockets. These were a lot of fun.

We have one more Tuning In activity to do this week. We will be creating questions about motion. Stay tuned to see our questions.

14 thoughts on “Tuning In

  1. Frances

    Wow, what great learning you were doing and you also seemed to be having a lot of fun.

    Your catapults were fantastic – some were very elaborate. Did they take a long time to make?

    Were you doing the catapult activity with your buddies?

    Who’s catapult was the most effective?

    1. Matthew and Jake

      Our catapults didn’t take very long but it was pretty hard, and we think Lucas and Marcus had the best

    2. Jorji & Kylah

      Hi Mrs Frances,

      We made them our self, when we tested them outside our buddies watched us. It was a lot of fun.
      The catapults that were most effective, were the two catapults made of wood.

      From Jorji and Kylah

    3. hollyo

      i am just going to say one more thing i think that my catapult was the best i mean it’s not like i am going to say that someone else’s is better than mine i mean like me and my partner put a lot of work into ours and so i think that our one was the best even if it didn’t shoot the furthest πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  2. hollyo

    with my partner our catapult took quite a while and it was very fun at the same time i really enjoyed making them IT WAS JUST SO FUN WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and on they day we built them we were very organised so we knew exactly what we were doing.

  3. Natalia

    In my opinion I think that my one was the best catapult (the one made out of wood but had a rectangular base, and had a lot of rubber bands on it. Another way to recognise it is in the picture you can see my name and my partners name scribbled down on it! Though my one didn’t shoot the furtherest out of all of them, there was a much better one that was like twice the size of my one! and it shot like twice the distance!
    Natalia πŸ™‚

  4. Bianca.G

    Hi Mrs Frances,
    My Partners were Holly.T and Piper.It took us 1 hour to make it

    We did not do our catapult with our buddies they were watching us.

    I think the most effective was Lucas and Marcus ‘s because their catapult went very fare.

    Have a nice day,
    From Bianca.G

  5. marcusj

    no they didn’t take long to make we only had 40 minutes and sadly no we were not the most effective in my opinion is Lucas and my one not because it was mine because it went far and didn’t stuff up or brake.

  6. Adrian.f

    Hi Miss Gale I have come to ask you a question,
    How does a car drive and how does the motor work?
    And some catapults took a long time and some about a day.

  7. Madison

    Hi Miss Gale,
    My favourite activity was the rocket balloons.
    My question is next time can we do a comp to see who had the best catapult.

    The catapults didn’t take that long because we bought their stuff to school and we made them that exact day.
    No we did not do the catapults with our buddy’s they were just watching us.
    The person with the most effective catapult would have to be Marcus and Lucas’s one

  8. Adriano and Daniel

    Adriano P: Jake and I took 10 mins to build but unfortunately it broke at the last minute.
    Daniel and Adrian:No we were not doing with our buddies they were just in the background to watch, but that would be fun.
    Daniel: I think the most affective was Lucas and Marcus.
    Adriano p: I think it was Daniel and Matts one

    THANKS Daniel.S and Adriano.P

  9. Holly T

    Hi Miss Gale,
    My favourite activity would be the rocket balloons!
    It was fun because it was very creative and I learnt how to blow up a balloon.

    This is my question for you… Maybe next time can we watch each others and write down a score for them then present our rocket balloons to our buddies?

    Hi Mrs Frances,
    Our catapults didn’t take to long to make. It probably took about an hour! And no we didn’t do them with our buddies but we invited them to watch us. I think Lucas and Marcus’s were the most elaborate because their’s went most furtherest and it was very detailed.

    IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

  10. Soccer Girl

    Hi Miss Gale
    Love to see you are having a fun time with your students.
    I thought that all the catapults looked amazing!
    I miss you very much, and I love all of your students work.

    From Sophie M
    P.S I miss you so much! Wish you were still with us at your old school.

    1. Miss Gale

      Hi Sophie!
      So good to hear from you. I hope you are having a great time in Year 5. I miss Holy Family as well. Please say hi to everyone for me.
      From Miss Gale


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