What is Motion?


Our inquiry unit for this half of the term will explore the question What is Motion?

In the comments section of this post please record what you already know about motion.

Do you know what any of the following words mean?

  • force
  • motion
  • speed
  • acceleration
  • momentum
  • velocity

23 thoughts on “What is Motion?

  1. kylahh

    Hi Miss Gale,

    I know that force, is pushing an object to move forward, backward or sideways.
    Motion is moving an object. example: wind.
    Speed is something moving fast.
    Acceleration is pushing an object to move faster, after it is already moving.

    from Kylah.

  2. marcusj

    Hi miss Gale this is what i know

    Motion is something that falls like a Girl falling of some Monkey bars

    Motion: is something that moves

    Force: example Three kids pushing on a door thats locked

    Speed: speed is like a car going 100KM an hour

    Acceleration: a car that has stopped and and shoots of like a rocket

    Velocity: a Plane thats going very fast

    Goodbye miss Gale hope i got everything right.

  3. adrianp

    Hi Miss Gale,

    You asked what is motion, well thers your answer πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    *Force is like pushing hard with a ball or throwing something with power and its hard or soft force.

    *motion is some thing that moves fast or slow and it can stop by hitting something.

    *Speed is something moving swiftly and fast.

  4. jorji123

    Hi Miss Gale,

    1.Force is when you are pushing on something.

    2.Motion is when someone or something is moving.

    3.Speed is when you are fast.

  5. inezv

    Hello Miss Gale,
    I think that motion is when when something moves. When you put force on an object which I think means to touch or push an object it moves and that is motion. I think that speed means something going fast. A car has speed because it moves fast.

  6. bianca12346

    Hi Miss Gale,here are some things i now about Motion.
    Motion:Motion is something that moves around eg.Billy carts.Motion is something that you count how fast it goes.Like our Billy Cart race we need to count how fast one contestent goes around a obsticle course.That is all i know about Motion.I am hoping this year i will learn much more about Motion.From Bianca G 2015 5/6 MG

  7. Em

    Hi Miss Gale,
    Force is when something is pushed against something.
    Motion is when something is moving.
    Speed is the pace of how fast or slow you are going.
    Acceleration is when you increase your speed.
    Momentum is the energy of something moving.
    Velocity is also how fast you are going like speed.

  8. pipers

    Hello Miss Gale, this is what i know about motion.

    1.Force is like when someone pushes something like a rubber and they have enough force to push over the rubber.

    2.Motion is where someone or something moves. Like walking is a motion

    3.Speed is like how fast or slow something or someone is going.

    4.Momentum i think is like a pattern.

  9. Madison

    Hi Miss Gale,
    I think motion means when someone or something moves. When something moves it might need force or power to move.
    I already know that the word speed means how fast or slow you are going like in a race or something.
    I also know that force means power. Like when you might push something that is force.

  10. jakeblog

    Hi Miss Gale

    Acceleration means moving or going somewhere
    Speed means moving
    force means something that your pushing
    motion means something moving
    momentum means going the same speed

  11. hollyo

    Hi Miss Gale,
    well motion is created by force and acceleration. acceleration is often used to describe a state of increasing speed.

  12. lillym

    Hi Miss Gale,

    Motion is about, all the different types of movement. So force is about lets say the force of the door slamming made a very loud bang.
    Motion is basically the motion of your body movements and doings.
    Speed is another type of motion because it is the speed of a car, that is included in motion because it is counted as a movement.

  13. adrianf

    Hi Miss Gale,
    Force – I think force means you are making someone do al the work for you.
    Motion-Motion means when you are doing something.
    Speed- I think speed means when someone runs really fast.
    And thats all I know bye πŸ™‚

  14. alanaw

    Hi Miss Gale,

    This is what I know about motion.

    Force means power put into a object. You maybe throwing, pushing, kicking or bouncing the object to create power.

    Motion is when a object moves around and will be stopped by gravity, another object or a person.

    Speed is made up from force and can be fast or slow.

    Acceleration means making one type of speed go faster, like an accelerator in a car.

    Momentum means keeping a good sustainable pace of speed.

    I don’t yet know what velocity means but I hope to find out during this term.


  15. nataliablog

    Hi Miss Gale,
    What is Motion? Motion is created by force or acceleration.
    For example whales or dolphins they move by what’s called a power-stroke they pick up their tail (move it up) and then drop it down (move it down) that’s what pushes them through the water. Fish like sharks or goldfish or something they move through the water by swinging their tail side ways, so that’s the difference between marine mammals and fish – other than the look and the size – marine mammals swim vertically and fish swim horizontally.
    Though the way we move is way different from animals in the water, we move kind of the same way – the brain sends a message to your legs and you move – but you don’t move your legs up then down then you move or swing your legs sideways and then you move nothing like that, we move (like I said before) the brain sends a message to your legs than you step forward and then your other leg steps in front of that one and that repeats like a thousand times if you have to you’ll have to do that till – wherever you want to go!

    from Natalia! πŸ™‚

  16. opheliac

    Hi Miss Gale, it’s me Ophelia and this is what I know about these two words:

    I think force means, somebody is putting pressure on somebody else or they are trying block someone else out using strength or power.

    I think speed means, a distance from somewhere to another place, I also think it means fast but not really slow.

    That is what I know about Force and Speed.

    Bye XD

  17. danielsblog

    Hi Miss Gale, Force means a physical action or movement like throwing a ball or something. Motion mean movement like walking is motion.Speed means how fast something is moving like cars or planes. Bye! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ :I :C :E

  18. Chris

    Hi Miss Gale.
    I have found out what all six of the words mean.

    Force. Force means not push something really hard.

    Motion. Motion mean something moving.

    Speed. Speed mean something fast so if your running really fast it has a speed

    Acceleration. Acceleration means you keep on going faster like increasing the speed on something. There is acceleration on a car as well.

    Momentum. Momentum is to keep balance it means if your on a string you half to keep balance.

    Velocity. Velocity means if you throw something wile in space it will keep going at the same speed and the same way unless it hits something.

  19. lucas

    Hello Miss Gale,
    I will tell you somethings i know about motion.
    Firstly I will talk about newtons 3 laws of motion, newtons discovery happened on accident he was sitting under an apple tree and an apple fell on his head, which got him thinking about motion. It was from then on that he discovered the three laws of motion. For example his first law is about inertia.
    Motion is something moving, when a car moves it is motion.
    Lastly I know what the words at the top mean momentum means you need speed to move like if I wanted to roll it would be a lot easier is if I turned and then I rolled.

  20. Dearna

    Hi Miss Gale,
    This is what I know about motion.

    Motion: Motion is when something is moving such as someone moving the toy of the shelf or rolling a ball.

    Speed: Speed is when something is going fast like someone is running fast or a car is going very fast.

    Force: Force when somethings is jammed and your trying to force it out or a door is stuck and force it open.


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