Timmy – Term 1 Week 4

This week, we have been learning about softball in sport. We have been practising pitching, fielding, batting and catching. Here is Timmy in the mitt playing a game of softball!

photo 4

In maths, we have been playing a card game called number place warfare. Here is Timmy trying to play the game! HE’S WON!!!

photo 1

Today, we have looked at this website called wacky news stories where you create a news headline. We can use these headlines for seeds for our writing.

photo 2


Written by Daniel and Holly T

1 thought on “Timmy – Term 1 Week 4

  1. hollyt Post author

    Hi miss Gale,

    This is what I think motion means… I think it means movement and how they can move. Also I think that motion is things that stay in place and hold with motion. I also think acceleration is linked to speed and force. Like a car, it has acceleration with the breaks and other things.


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