On Monday the 3rd of September, we had an incursion in our school hall. A lady came to do some activities with us about the human body. We pretended that we were secret agents. We had to go inside Bazza`s body. He was an unhealthy person.

First to go into the body we had to through the nose. When we entered the human body, there were 4 different parts of the body. They were the brain,the lungs, the heart and the stomach. At each part of the body there were costumes.

At the brain there were neuron costumes. At the lungs there were lung costumes. At the heart there were red blood cell and white blood cell costumes. At the stomach there were stomach acid costumes.

Each part of the body had a dance/activity to it. The activities were: the neuron conga and Mexican wave, the lung ballet, the red blood cell air delivery, the white blood cell martial arts and the stomach acid dance.

After we all finished our dances, we had to go out through the bottom to get our of Bazza’s body.

By Caitlin and Amelia