We have been learning all about sound. Here are some of the facts we have already learnt:

-We can make a thunder sound by stamping our feet. Ashton

-Light travels faster than sound. Andrew

-Vibrations make sounds. Marcus

-Sound can be made by lots of things. Sophie

-You can make sound. A whole group of people can make a big sound. Alison

-Fire makes sound. James T

-Nearly everything can make sounds. Theresa

-Different things make different sounds. Sarah

-The size of the object can change the sound. Marcus

-Somethings that make sound are:









hands and feet

-We can hear sounds anywhere. Zak

-If you drop rice carefully into a bowl it will make a sound like rain or hail. Chiara

-Sound can be high or low. Ella

-Sounds come in different pitches. Andrew

-Opening a book and closing it fast makes a sound like a bang. Alison

-If you drop something heavy it will make a sound. Liam

-When you put your hand on your voicebox you can feel the vibration. Gemma

-If you bang two things together it makes a sound. Oscar

-Your voice can travel through the string in a string/cup telephone. Alessandro

-Laughter makes sound. Harriet

-If you rip paper it makes a sound. James G

-If you crunch an apple it makes a sound. Kes

-When you bounce a basketball it makes a sound. Michael

-If you slam a cupboard it makes a sound. Caitlin

-Sounds comes out of speakers. James D

-You can use a microphone to record sound on the computer. Zoe

-A smashing glass makes a sound. Ciara

-Air can make a sound. Alison

-When you speak loudly into the microphone the lines are taller. When you speak quietly the lines are smaller. Marcus

-When the rain falls it makes a sound. Sophie

-You can make a sound by clicking your tongue. Jocelyn

-Music is sound. Alexsi