Mass, Capacity and Volume

Useful Links:

A Maths Dictionary


Mostly Postie – help the postie to deliver the packages


Comparing Capacity – compare the two jugs and decide which holds more

Estimating Capacity – choose how many millilitres each container holds

Squirt – how many of a does it take to fill b?

Can you fill it? – practise filling containers


Archimedes – explore displacement with Archimedes bath

Measuring Volume – this one is tricky

Cubirocks Go!

Cubirocks Galore

Cubirocks are Measured

Mass, Volume & Capacity 

Quiz – can you answer all of the questions?

Measures – practise measuring length, mass, volume and capacity

Woodland Resources – play some games

Smashmaths – Measurement – volume and capacity activities

Alien Cookbook – help the alien cook by giving him the right amount of ingredients

Measurement Games – practise your measurement skills

Measuring Items – BAMZOOki

Play this game to practise measuring a range of items using centimetres, kilograms, etc.



Guess the Angle – measure angles using a protractor

Estimating Angles – practise estimating angles to save the aliens

What’s My Angle – practise measuring more angles with a protractor

Problem Solving – complete problem solving activities that involve angles

Angles in Sport – learn about where you might find angles in sport

Angle Mission – help solve the mission by completing activities involving angles

Timmy – Reading 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.09.35 PM

This term we have been reading a book called The Island. It was about this man that washed ashore on his raft. This man wasn’t like any other person on this Island, he spoke a different language so the people on the island couldn’t understand him. All he wanted was some food and shelter. The fishermen didn’t like him so they took him and kept him captive in an uninhabited part of the island. Parents and teachers told their children to be scared and to stay away.

By Bianca, Holly T and Natalia.